My Professional Data

My Professional Data explores the sharing of work-related data to get certain benefits. An employee shares a lot of data with different parties during his career. This can be personal data (place of residence, family situation, diplomas and/or recognition), but also professional data (salary slips and holiday certificates). Holiday certificates, for example, are in turn shared with a new employer to calculate the number of days of leave, and pay slips are needed to apply for a loan from the bank or a premium from the government.

The goal of this project is to unburden the employee, the citizen, in the sharing of this data. In the current processes, the citizen often acts as a conduit for all these data. By sharing these data in a smarter way, they can be unburdened. Also, it allows the service providers to organize their processes more efficiently and safely.

There are already 2 use cases for which an minimal viable product is being put in practice.

The first use case enables the citizen to makes it possible to share a diploma via Solid during the application process:

The second use case enables the citizen to share wage data via Solid in the context of a government service in order to obtain an additional allowance: